Welcome. There are a number of Ripple coins circulating around our world. Maybe you are reading this because you were just given a coin yourself (if so, please read instructions below) When someone is given a Ripple coin, it is in conjunction with having been given a gift--a hitchhiker a ride, painting the house of an elderly neighbor, buying a homeless person lunch. The person receiving the gift then, in their own time and way, does something for someone else, and then passes on the coin.

Most believe that giving away of our time, money and possessions spurs others to do likewise, but wouldn't it be great to see this beautiful chain of events moving out across our world like ripples in a pond? This blog was constructed to document just that by recording a little bit about the gift and the new physical location of the Ripple coin. Each coin's jouney can be explored by examining the map; stories of good deeds the coin has been involved with can be found in that coin's comment section. Posts are chronological, and each one tells a story as told by the new recipient of the Ripple coin.

Instructions for those who have just been given a Ripple coin: Look on your coin to see what number coin you have. Find the post with the same number. Click on the "comment" link underneath the map for your post. We want to know where you live (city and state) and something about the gift given to you. First names only, please, both for you and the person who gave you the gift. No names at all is fine. The editor of this blog will update the map within a few days after you leave your comment. Feel free to check back periodically to lean more about your ripple coin's journey or become a follower for automatic updates.

And then the good part: after you make a record on this blog, it is time for you to pass on a gift to someone else. Keep the coin in your pocket or purse and, when an opportunity presents itself...do the good deed, give something. Then give this person the Ripple coin and ask them to visit this blog. Thanks for your help.

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